About Vidhi Seva Evam Samajik Utthan Samiti:

Vidhi Seva Evam Samajik Utthan Samiti is an NGO based in Uttarakhand, was founded in 2019 by an inspired groups of Students with the aim to spread awareness through outreach programs, seminars, conferences, etc. regarding legal rights, duties and government schemes in those areas where it is necessary and to help in providing assistance to the needy ones. It is registered in Dehradun, Uttarakhand .

About the Webinar:

Vidhi Seva Evam Samajik Utthan Samiti is organising a free webinar on 05th June 2021 at 10 a.m. Venues are Streamyard & Facebook Live-Streaming (no e-certificate for Facebook Live-Streaming). Free e-certificates will be issued for the registered participants only subjected to T&Cs.

Theme: “Biomedical Waste: Pre & Post Covid-19 ”.

Registration Fees:

NIL, there are no registration charges, anyone can join the webinar free of cost.

Provisions Regarding Claiming Free E-Certificate:

You are eligible for claiming a free e-certificate, if you fulfills the following conditions namely;

i. If you join the meeting (no e-certificate for Facebook Live-Streaming);

ii. And you remain in the Meeting for minimum 60 minutes;

iii. After the end of the webinar session, a link of the Facebook Video of the said webinar will be provided on your email address to share the feedback. You have to share your feedback on the same day otherwise you’ll be disqualified from claiming a free e-certificate;

iv. You must adhere to the provisions of attendance, requirements for joining the webinar and important instructions mentioned in the official notification;

v. Free e-certificate will be provided within 7 days from the date of the webinar.

Contact Details:

Contact Person Name: Mohammad Raashid Ali, President, Vidhi Seva Evam Samajik Utthan Samiti

Chairperson- Event Committee.

Contact Number: +91-6395670454.